Multidisciplinary open innovation

Technology strategy, management, consulting and education.
Contracted research & development across electronics, information technology and algorithm design.

Pervasive Edge S.r.l.s. is a newly-formed company located in Trento, situated in the north-eastern alpine region of Italy. It is a lean entity based on the model of a "network organization". Its primary mission is acting as a hub and gateway towards a constellation of Italian and worldwide excellences across the fields of electronic design and manufacturing, system and software development, covering a broad range of requirements and applications.
While in the process of identifying and developing a series of own edge computing-focused products spanning from electrical safety to agrifood, at present we mainly offer consulting, contracted research & development and education/training services to selected third parties.

The areas of specialization include:
- Technology and innovation strategy, planning and management
- Embedded systems with a focus on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and digital signal processors (DSPs)
- Digital, mixed-signal and analog circuit design with a diversified capability in high-speed, high-density digital alongside low-power analog front-ends
- Vision systems with a focus on industrial applications, robotics and quality control
- Novel biomedical and scientific instrumentation, including wearable devices
- Signal and image processing algorithms, including deep neural networks and rule-based systems
- Agile one-stop board- and system-level prototyping, bring-up and characterization